Racemax Italia

The RaceMax Italia project starts and ends
in the 3T factory in Presezzo, from design to production.
Inspired by our local roads and built to go fast everywhere.



Just a dream 6 years ago, reality today: our Italian carbon factory is ready to build frames.
3T's in-house manufacturing project takes the next step. After the award-winning Torno aero crank, it's now time for frames that are 100% Made in Italy.
In August 2021, we started with the initial batch of Founder’s Edition frames followed by 60 frames from our 60th Anniversary Edition. Now the Racemax Italia goes into full production.


As you may know, 99% of carbon frames are made in Asia, even the very high-end ones. Almost all use the same process, which involves the manual lay-up of pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy and lots of manual labor in finishing. So much labor has two problems; it affects consistency and is totally impractical for Italy.

How would we design the production process from scratch for a carbon frame in Italy?


After a review of all the manufacturing technologies, two key decisions were taken for our Italian carbon factory:
1. Filament winding instead of manual lay-up to improve consistency and reduce labor in lay-up
2. Dry fiber and resin injection instead of pre-impregnated carbon to reduce labor in finishing


Nobody makes a filament winding machine suitable for bike frames, so we designed and built our own. Its standout feature is that it can wind fibers at zero degrees, which traditionally is not possible (as the mandrel rotates, the fiber is per definition not exactly along its axis, but we absolutely need zero degree fibers for optimal stiffness in a bike frame).
Today, 90% of the total frame fiber weight is applied in automated fashion while the remaining 10% produced in the traditional process


Traditional pre-preg material has fibers pre-impregnated with resin in sheets. These are then cut in shapes and applied to a core. This leads to waste and limits the use of the material as it starts curing as soon as you take it out of the freezer. The bladder- assisted production process also creates a less-than-perfect surface, requiring lots of finishing.

Instead, RTM injects resin into the mold after the dry fiber frame is loaded into the mold and a vacuum is applied to remove all the air inside the mold. Removing all the air prevents voids and creates a much better surface finish (less labor in finishing).

By splitting the fiber and the resin, we can choose each specifically for the application, creating shorter curing cycles at lower temperatures.


• Producing in Italy means following all EU environmental laws and regulations
• No waste material from cutting pre-preg sheets as winding applies the fiber directly and only exactly what is needed.
• Dry fibers don’t need to be stored in energy-slurping freezers and do not expire.
• Curing happens at lower temperatures and curing times are shorter, reducing energy use.
• Molds are stationary and heating is integrated which is more energy efficient than the traditional presses or heated plates
• No toxic fumes are released during the entire process
• Avoiding the long sanding process strongly reduces the release of particles into the environment
• Lower CO2 emissions from transportation by producing closer to market

Make it your own

Are you a dedicated 1X rider? We can make your frame with no front derailleur mounting bolts for ultimate simplicity and aero benefits. Not sure what you'll want to ride later on? That's fine as well, we can build in the front derailleur rivets to future proof your frameset. What about colors? As full scale production begins we'll have 3 options available in the RaceMax Italia frame: Rosso, Verde and Blu.

Only The Best

The best gravel frames would be incomplete without the best components. All our Made in Italy builds come complete with the Discus C45|40 carbon wheels, our Superghiaia or Aeroghiaia carbon bars, Selle San Marco Shortfit 3D printed saddles and the best drivetrains on the market for gravel. We offer 3 levels of SRAM AXS builds and of course Campagnolo's Ekar groupset.


Our Products:

Exploro Racemax Italia

Our history


The story begins

3T Cycling’s story began in Turin, Italy, in 1961 when Mario Dedioniggi left Ambrosio to found Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese (Turin Tube Technology), a cycling company with a humble start but huge ambitions.


Birth of the logo

Its name soon changed to the more manageable 3ttt and the brand quickly found a foothold in the industry by supplying bars to Italian pro riders – building a reputation for light, strong and beautiful products.



By the mid-1970s, 3ttt was experimenting with advanced aerospace materials including 7075 Ergal alloy, which resulted in the brand launching the world’s lightest cycling handlebar; the 250g Superleggera.


Titles with 3T components

In 1980, aspiring racers and pros alike were treated to a range of handlebars featuring the same bends used personally by the likes of Eddy Merckx, Felice Gimondi, Giuseppe Saronni and Nino Defilippis.



Following the launch of the world's first aero racing handlebar, the Aerodinamica in 1983, Francesco Moser used a 3ttt design to set a new hour record in 1984, the aero bullhorn design dubbed the 51’151” in honour of the victory.


Forma SL

In 1989, the brand changed the drop bar forever by creating the Forma SL, which featured a revolutionary anatomic grip that would go on to become the cycling world’s most copied bar design.



Remaining always at the cutting edge of cycling technology, 3ttt embraced the introduction of the threadless headset with the industry's first forged aheadset stem, fittingly named the ForgeAhead.


World's first female handlebar

In 2000, the brand changed its name to 3T and ushered in even lighter bars, carbon stems and improved ergonomics as well as producing the world's first female-specific handlebar, the Eva, in 2003.


New era under René Wiertz

3T’s new CEO, René Wiertz, revitalised the brand in 2007 with a totally new component range that introduced the three-tiered Pro, Team and LTD product design. 3T also set in motion plans to return to pro sponsorship.


The carbon Rotundo

2008 was a huge year with Carlos Sastre’s Tour win using 3T components. The Merckx bend was also re-imagined as the carbon Rotundo and forks joined the 3T line-up, the Funda becoming Cervélo’s fork of choice.


Scatto & Giro win for Hesjedal

3T’s ultra-aero sprint bar, the Scatto, became the go-to cockpit for track riders in 2012 while the brand created the first integrated superbike TT cockpit for the Cervélo P5. Ryder Hesjedal also won the Giro using 3T components.


Vroomen joins from Cervélo

In 2015, Cervélo co-founder Gerard Vroomen joined Wiertz, the pair becoming owners of the 3T brand. This enabled a refocusing of the company, reinvigorating and reaffirming its commitment to innovation.


Exploro lands

The first fruits of the new partnership at the head of 3T arrived in 2016 with the reverse-grip Revo aerobar and the Exploro, a go-anywhere, aero-optimised adventure bike that begs riders to explore cycling in a new way.


The Strada

3T launched the Strada – a new take on the road bike that combines wide-tyre-optimised aerodynamics, a 1x drivetrain and disc-brakes. The bike will be ridden by the Aqua Blue Sport UCI Pro Continental team in 2018.


Bringing production back to Italy

It has always been our dream to manufacture right here at home in Italy, and in 2018 this dream became a reality. A new building for office, warehouse and factory in Bergamo, with the Torno super aero 1x crank as the first product.


Start assembly in Italy

Bike assembly is an important part in our conversion from a parts to a bike company. By doing the assembly in-house in Italy, we can ensure quality, quick delivery and constant feedback on all the components we spec.


Launch of the Racemax

The original Exploro took the gravel market by storm, and even in 2020 there was no other aero gravel bike available. Still 3T decided to forge ahead with the RaceMax. It looks like a road bike, rides like a road bike but it also rips through gravel. For the first time, riders can have a gravel bike that is as fast as a normal road bike.


Italian dream

After several years of developing new production technologies, our first Made-in-Italy frame launched. The Racemax Italia is the lightest Racemax ever built and offers several customization options for our customers.

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